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An inspiring introduction to democratic action

An uplifting, picture book guide for young people going to a march or wondering what marches are all about. Inspired by my own experiences, this picture book answers practical questions: What should I wear? How will I get there? Where will I be able to go to the bathroom? Is it okay to dance? All the while the text stays focused on the fact that the right to assemble is our right as Americans, whatever our point of view.

Parents’ Choice Award Winner!

Martha is honored to announce that a new podcast, BlackApple, has posted a read-aloud of “If You’re Going to a March.” Have a listen by clicking here!

Who turned out the lights?

Luis Cardenal is toasting a Pop-Tart when a power outage strikes Hampton, New Jersey. Elevators and gas pumps fail right away; soon cell phones die and grocery shelves empty. Cold and in the dark, people begin to get desperate. 

Luis likes to know how things work, and the blackout gets him wondering: Where does the city’s electricity come from? What would cause it to shut down?

Click on the link here to learn more about the making of ZAP — an electrifying mystery in which two can-do sleuths embark on a high-tech urban adventure to answer an age-old question: Who turned out the lights?

How do you make a book, anyway?

With a little help from her friends, Martha made a two-minute slide show to answer the age-old question. Click on the link here to see it and to learn more about Effie Starr Zook Has One More Question.